JG and D-Nyce involved with film "Let's Shake On It"

To our Cache City Family, Some of you may not have known, but JG is an actor too! He's been in films such as "Thirsty" by Cornell Ford, and also starred in a music video for the late Lou Pride. JG's most current role is in the film "Let's Shake On It" written and directed by Cornell Ford. JG explains his role in the film below.


"The movie "Let's Shake On It" was written and directed by Cornell Ford. Cornell and myself go back a ways, when he was just a producer and musical engineer in the Lake County area. During the beginning of his movie producing career he asked if I would like to be apart of a short film he wrote called "Thirsty", in which I did. Everyone enjoyed the movie and my character so much that he later proposed a role in an up coming movie called "Let's shake on it". By me working with Cornell for some time at this point, I was eager to jump into the new project. He pretty much already had me in mind for the role of "Brian" immediately....from what he tells me lol."


"Brian is one of those cool, funny, spontaneous kind of guys, and thinks highly of himself. He's in a relationship with Trina and they are like the core of all of their friends. When it comes to Brian, there is no telling what you might hear come out of his mouth. He definitely brings the comedic relief." HOW WAS THE EXPERIENCE, IN TERMS OF FILMING WITH THE CAST? "As cliche as it sounds, working with the whole cast was pretty much like family to be honest. Once you get past the initial meet and greet, all of the nervous bones pretty much leaves your body. Everybody was professional and respectful to each other, so to answer the question the experience was dope. I had a great time and would do it again in a heartbeat." 


"It was just a background scene having dinner with my wife, but acting is something I'd like to explore a bit more moving ford. It was fun working with Corn and the actors on the set. I believe a lot of folks will have just as much fun watching this movie as much as the actors had fun making it. 

Want to read more about the film? Check out the website at sibionline.com to read more and watch the trailer! 

Here's a few photos from the making of the film