Yung Air Releases New Single "Double Cup Love" Produced by Corey Cache

"Lightin up the Christmas tree, It ain't even Christmas time. Sippin lean and kushie b's, top it off with dinner. That loud louder than intercoms, spacing out but still inside. She express her inner thoughts, my focus on her inner thighs"

Chicago Rapper Yung Air makes his Solo Debut with “Double Cup Love”

Yung Air’s first single “Double Cup Love,” released this week, brings a fresh new sound to the
industry as a part of Campaign Oxygen.

Chicago, IL (PRWeb) April 11th, 2013

Cache City Entertainment announces the release of Yung Air’s first single “Double Cup Love.” It is now available for download at The new sexy ballad, off of new Chicago artist Yung Air’s upcoming Oxygen mixtape, is a sultry tribute to the ladies that places an emphasis on the phrase “Love High”.

“Double Cup Love,” composed by producer Corey Cache, of Cache City Ent, features instrumentals with melodic tunes and a deep, seductive bass line. “As soon as I heard the beat, I already knew I had to smooth it out and do something for the ladies,” Yung Air proclaimed when recently asked what inspired the track. He continued, “I just went where the sound and feeling took me.”

“Double Cup Love”, with its catchy hook and on-point delivery, captures a night of lust and love with a hint of inebriation. It features Yung Air serenading his woman to a level that only double cups and the loudest cigar could epitomize. A track like this is a new avenue for Yung Air as he is more accustomed to an aggressive, lyrical flow that emphasizes a story in his life. This aggressive style will be featured in Yung Air’s future work, but he feels there is a need to expand his horizons. "I think my best feature is my versatility,” said Yung Air. "That is why you don't hear the same song twice out of me; I like to switch it up." This is also apparent in the debut of his highly anticipated debut mixtape.

Growing up as a top athlete in Illinois, Yung Air was arrogant, aggressive, and competitive. He never wanted to lose and he always felt better than the next man. It was through music that Yung Air learned humility and developed his business sense. He teamed up with his childhood friends and created the record label Cache City Entertainment to take the next step in his music career. Yung Air went through struggles in the beginning of his career, as he chased his dream. Hurdles that would break most people only made him stronger and wiser. With a sharper mind and a more defined work ethic, Yung Air’s big dream is coming closer to fruition, proving that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Yung Air’s new music has started the Campaign Oxygen movement. Fans on Twitter and Facebook can be seen expressing their support for Yung Air’s fresh outlook with #CampaignOxygen. This campaign also features gear which will be able to be purchased online in the upcoming months. Half of all proceeds from gear will be contributed to St. Jude's Hospital in the fight against cancer. Yung Air expresses, "Giving these kids a chance is #1 on my list, and I won't stop until I can positively affect their lives."

The debut single “Double Cup Love” is at the forefront of Campaign Oxygen. Yung Air and his followers truly feel this is his time to shine, as he continues to build from a strong foundation of hard work, teamwork and humility.

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